Here you find dedicated solutions to help you improve your mental and emotional well-being.

Neuropsychological Assessments

Comprehensive evaluations to identify specific cognitive impairments.

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Cognitive Rehabilitation

A therapeutic approach designed to improve or restore cognitive functioning in individuals affected with disorders such as dementia and stroke-related impairment

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Discover the process of treating psychological disorders and mental distress through the use verbal and psychological techniques.

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Range of specialities to meet your specific needs.


Comprehensive evaluation to inform accurate diagnosis and determine severity. Cognitive rehabilitation to manage and treat the disease.


Comprehensive evaluation to determine the nature and extent of cognitive impairment. Cognitive retraining to gain back cognitive functioning.

Caregiver Support

Therapy for caregiver support to provide much-needed guidance and emotional assistance for those caring for loved ones.

Anxiety Disorders

Modify anxious thoughts and behaviors, develop coping strategies, and achieve greater emotional well-being.


ADHD and ASD often come with cognitive deficits: comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation to identify and rectify cognitive challenges.


Cognitive-Behavioural techniques to challenge negative thought patterns, explore underlying issues, and develop healthier coping mechanisms,

Stress and Burnout

A supportive environment to explore and develop effective coping strategies to deal with stress and burnout.


Guidance, perspective, and tools to clarify values, explore options, and enhance the decision-making process.


Cognitive-behavioral techniques to address underlying causes, develop healthier sleep habits, and promote relaxation for improved sleep quality

Cognitive Enhancement

Training to enhance cognitive functioning in desired cognitive domains such as attention, learning and memory.

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