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Services for Adults & Children

Neuro psychological Rehabilitation & Counselling

Neuropsychological assessments to evaluate cognitive and emotional functioning in relation to brain, guiding diagnosis and treatment planning. Assessments for comprehensive analysis of cognitive functioning in people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Cognitive rehabilitation for stroke & dementia patients, and those with traumatic brain injuries.

Counselling for anxiety disorders, insomnia, depression, stress, burnout, relationship issues and decision-making.

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Neuropsychological Assessments

Comprehensive evaluations to identify specific cognitive impairments.   

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Cognitive Rehabilitation

A therapeutic approach designed to improve or restore cognitive functioning in individuals affected with disorders such as dementia and stroke-related impairment

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Discover the process of treating psychological disorders through psychological techniques.

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About me

Bringing focus to cognitive and mental health

Aliza Reshi

I'm here to bring awareness and understanding in areas of cognition, to foster change and personal growth within you.

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"My vision is a world of healthy minds"

Range of specialties to meet your specific needs.

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Anxiety Disorders

Psychotherapy to alleviate symptoms, provide coping strategies and a  better understanding of the condition.


Psychotherapy to alleviate symptoms, provide coping strategies and a  better understanding of the condition to improve overall well-being.


Neuropsychological assessment to determine cognitive functioning of people with ASD. Cognitive retraining to train functions with deficits.


Neuropsychological assessments to operationalize cognitive issues in ADHD.
Cognitive retraining to correct identified cognitive deficits.


Cognitive rehabilitation to improve stroke-related cognitive impairment.


Assessments to determine the type of dementia, and the severity of cognitive decline along with identifying other symptoms.

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